Valentine Blanchard Updated

The entries for Valentine Blanchard and his nephew Valentine Louis Blanchard have been re-written and each has been given his own page on the site. Discoveries from Cambridge University Library today include two Cambridge photographers not currently on the site who exhibited at the Photographic Society Annual Exhibitions. Also noted – the frequency with which RH Lord exhibited there

Working on Valentine Blanchard

This week I have been re-working the entries on on Valentine Blanchard. It was pointed out to me that the information on the site was at variance with Mike Petty’s articles on the Post Office Terrace Studio, in that I had shown but one Valentine, while Mike wrote about an uncle and nephew duo of the same name. I’d found quite a lot of information about Valentine and had thought that it could all relate to one person – a conclusion also reached by the photoLondon web site. I should have known better – Mike was right and I’ve now located Valentine Blanchard Jnr (Valentine Louis Blanchard) – and what an interesting character he turns out to be. The new information is still being written up and entries on the site should be updated in the next few days.

While going through the Photographic Journal for 1916 today I came across the above sketch of a Sanderson Camera – designed by Cambridge photographer FH Sanderson.