Getting a little better known?

The site seems to be getting a little better known of late. We are delighted to have had a link accepted by Cyndis list – a major site for family historians. Also valuable information has been received this week from Nick Smith about various photographers in March which has enabled us to improve a number of entries. Another great step forward has been making contact with the family of RH Lord, one of Cambridge’s finest photographers. Meanwhile research continues into StickyBacks and photo stamps and the enigma of who was Mr StickyBacks of Peterborough?


Photobooths, stickybacks and another local mystery photo

Christmas and flu have slowed down input to the site since the last post here. The lull has provided a little time for some research into photobooths. The logic behind this is that you might well find a little portrait in the family photos not much bigger than a postage stamp and wonder how on earth to date it. Well it could have come from a photobooth – if so when did these start to appear in Cambridgeshire. Actually you could contribute greatly to this by giving us your memories of photobooths in Cambridgeshire.

A related topic is the stickyback photo – and here we have added new material which seems to date these firmly from 1901, several years earlier than had previously been thought.

Finally – a new mystery photo shot beside the road to Cambridge 1951 – but can you tell us which road?

Photobooth and stickyback pages are linked from here

More mystery photographs and Box Brownie Postcards

Updated the two mystery photograph pages with some additional puzzles today.

An interesting one below – a little beach scene taken with an early box Brownie camera – hence the round image. These went back to base for developing and film re-loading, but this image has a postcard back – so – an interesting possibility for collection – box Brownie postcards – I wonder if anyone collects them? Lots of very interesting images come up if you Google “box brownie photography”

Site updates

A few days of tedious work have been needed to split some of the longer pages and add all the recent entries to the location index page. No recent new finds to illustrate the site. Unfortunately the lovely image below, “With Thora’s Love May 1930” is from Hunt and Co, Newark.


Some new purchases

A couple of new purchases arrived today. A very artistic studio portrait of an unknown masonic chap from Derbyshire whose identity it might be possible to establish, and a CDV from a hitherto unknown Wisbech firm.

Had a fairly unproductive trip to the Cambridgeshire Collection this morning – trying to find entries in the 1939 Register for various photographers who had appeared in the 1911 census – with very little success. Am beginning to realise that Ancestry and FindMyPast operate with completely different transcriptions and that there is a lot of inconsistency between the two. On a positive note the Cambridgeshire collection has a wizzy new computer based filmreel reader and printer – a vast improvement on the previous kit.

Had a very pleasant evening last night meeting some of the members of the Peterborough Postcard Collectors Club in Peterborough.

1939 and Dufaycolour

Spent some time over the last few days pulling out Cambs photographers from the 1939 Register and adding some new entries to the site. Found some folks in the Register at Sawston who seemed to be involved in some sort of colour film production (Ernest G Danby b.1883 foreman photographic colour film manufacture: Donald F Evans b.1905 analytical chemist departmental colour photography film manufacture: Ronald W Gooding b.1916 colourmetry examiner colour photographic film). Led me to discover the story of Dufay colour film. Apparently Spicers the paper manufacturers bought up this innovative film process and spent £100k developing the process for cine film at Sawston between 1928 and 1932 – the film was manufactured and sold until 1955 when overtaken by other products.

Rev Frederick Charles Lambert and Exhibition Catalogues

After slaving away on the 5th floor of the Cambridge University Library with the journals and exhibition catalogues of the Photographic Society of London, later the Royal Photographic Society, I’ve today added another photographic author and photographer with a Cambridge connection to the site – Rev Frederick Charles Lambert.

While looking up what I thought might be a Cambridge house name for Lambert – Rulverdome – I found in the Google search results this name associated with Lambert and that the wonderful DeMontford University has actually digitised the catalogues I spent hours pouring over. They have a nice searchable interface here of Catalogue records from the annual exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915:  This has thrown up a few more names to research. Also – search results show that William Farren exhibited there on no fewer than 10 occasions – a fantastic achievement yet to be noted on his site entry