Frederick Sanderson

Having received from Cliff Bulcock copies of his excellent articles from “Photographica World” about Sanderson Cameras, it became apparent that the Sanderson entry on the site didn’t quite reflect the magnitude of his achievement. Over 26,000 cameras incorporating his inventions and bearing his name sold over some 44 years. Investigating Frederick’s inventions further revealed that there was another photographic inventor at work at the same time, whose surname, Sanderson, was associated with such photographic items as studio backgrounds, photographic shutters and time indicators, repeating camera backs, a patented photographic squeegee and non-slip rubber tripod feet. The other inventor, no relation to Frederick, was Alfred William Stainton Sanderson (1863-1932) born in Lincoln. A.W.S.Sanderson was the first Company Secretary of photographic manufacturers Thornton Pickard, before becoming the proprietor in 1901 of The Altrincham Rubber Company, also photographic manufacturers. The entry for Frederick Saunders has been updated accordingly and can be found here: .

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