Unusual Stickyback – who is the photographer

The stickyback below, just over 1.5 x 1.5 inches, of an unknown young woman in a huge picture hat could be from around 1905-10. There is no “stickyback” sign board to identify the photographer. Instead, we have in the RH border a more complex numbering device, with numbers behind tiny windows, to link negative number and image together. The photo seems to have come from a strip and the torn edge on the left hand side suggests the images may have been in a side-by-side strip. On the reverse is a partial rubber stamp. This stamp is repeated side-by-side, with two partial images remaining. We can piece these together to read “Jack Leviss” (or Lewiss), “Tramways”, and the third word is possibly “Central”. Does anyone recognise the name and partial address as a local photographer?


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