Housekeeping and more updates

Ten of the main pages on the site were becoming far too long so today these have been split into a larger number of smaller pages. A lot of time has been spent in the last few weeks producing guides to some of the series of negatives in the Cambridgeshire Collection. So far these include collections from Post Office Terrace, Stearns, the Cambridge Antiquarian Society (CAS) and Thomas Howell. These guides are now on the site and will hopefully lead to more use being made of these resources. A few new photos have turned up – examples from three Ely Studios were found at a boot sale last weekend.

We are most grateful to  a couple of collaborators for permission to use their images on the site. To Peter Norman for some superb images illustrating Newmarket photographers, and to Rob Tooley for permission to use one of the photos from his brilliant site depicting a Sanderson Camera.


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