Interesting Cambridge Finds

Below are three photos 7.75 x 6.25 inches, recently purchased, which appear to relate to Cambridge. They depict a group of people in the 1950s relaxing on a roof terrace. But something odd is happening – two of their number are climbing up the gap bnetween two buildings onto an upper roof. A careful look at the footware shows there are two different climbers, one wearing shoes, the other sandals. So what was going on? Were these a couple of the notorious Cambridge night climbers trying a new climb, or simply a couple of young men showing off ? There are no photographer’s details shown, but the quality of the prints suggest at least a good amateur status. The fourth image shows the reverse of all three – with an Air Ministry Crown Copyright Reserved printed thereon . This probably means that they were printed on government surplus air ministry photographic paper which was used by some photographers and developing and printing works after WW2. Has anyone any idea of the exact location of these interesting shots?


One thought on “Interesting Cambridge Finds

  1. Many thanks to Tilda at the Archives Office of Girton College for identifying the location as Newnham College – but what was going on there? Was it just a case of young men showing off?


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