StickyBacks, Post Office Terrace, March etc

The search for the identity of the StickyBacks photographer who operated in Midgate Peterborough is starting to take up a disproportionate amount of time. A visit to the Perborough Library on Tuesday produced little more than back and shoulder ache from the antiquated microfilm reader used to pore over old copies of the Peterborough Advertiser. Hannah and Elisabeth, the staff there, are incredibly helpful, which more than made up for the discomfort. Since the visit I’ve discovered that the building used by Mr StickyBacks was probably owned by the Peterborough Corporation, so hopefully there will be some record of their lessee.

Talking of incredibly helpful staff – help given during a visit to the Cambridgeshire Collection is leading to some great material in the index of the Palmer Clarke negatives from Post Office Terrace.

News of two additional photographers from March, some brilliant material about Ralph Lord from his family and a few more buys of Cambridgeshire photos on Ebay  are all keeping us very busy updating the site.


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